Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jaryszow Parish Surname Project (Kreis Gross Strehlitz )

A few years back I discovered an ancestor, Eva Palus, who was to have been born in a village called Nogawczyce about 1833.  The former German name for this place was Nogowschuetz, in fact, it also had another name during the rule of Hitler.  It was called Wangschuetz at that time.  Well, I tried to find films of the parish for this town, which was in Jaryszow, formerly Jarischau.  I found none.  When I went to Poland 3 years ago, I tried to visit the Priest but he was at a funeral.  I did talk extensively to the employees at the school who said that the church was burned to the ground during WWII and the priest and 2 nuns were killed by Russian soldiers.  They are buried in the churchyard. Apparently all the old books were burned at that time also.  Not a happy story for a genealogist or anyone really...Well, I had started a little project about that time for Jaryszow parish which entailed gathering names of people in other records, such as neighboring village church or civil records etc.which had information that stated they were from villages within Jaryszow parish.  When I found names of people that were witnesses of births or were mentioned somehow in other places, I started putting them into an Excel file with their data.  Just before my most recent trip I had about 413 names gathered in this file.  I came home last week with many more names and am in the process of adding them to the file.  I did notice as I compared the new names I had just gathered with the old names that I had already found, that there were really only a few new surnames that I came up with.  Most of the surnames were repeats of previous ones.  This kind of indicated to me that I might have a pretty good idea of the family names living in the Jaryszow parish area. But which one was the surname of Eva Palus' mother...still a BIG mystery.
Despite the parish fire, I was able to find the Palus family line and was able to determine that they were actually only in Nogawczyce for a short period of time.  They had all moved there from Himmelwitz.  Those records are filmed and in good shape.  This was through the help of relativesy that I met there who had traced their family before the church burned.  But for the mother of Eva Palus, I have only a first name, Francisca, and she was married to Bernhard Palus.  I have tried everything I can think of to find some clue as to her surname, but nothing seems to work. I even tried to talk to the priest again, last week, but this time he was at 2 weddings and the parties thereafter.  We did reach him on his mobile phone, but he didn't think that there were any old books of any type left. So if someone reading this has an idea, I am open to anything! Dominika, a cousin and her mother in Nogawczyce busily found me old photos to photograph.  The new photos I took actually were better than the old original ones.  That was very fun to see.

This is a fun old pic of Silesian children,  notice the old German custom of getting a big cone-shaped container full of candy for the first day of school.  I was told they still do this in this part of Poland.  Danuta, my interpreter from Warsaw had never heard of this.  It is more Silesian/German, I guess.  I love that tradition of the Zucker-Tüte.  Wish I had gotten one...

This is a picture in front of the Jaryszow church of a  family gathering.  I don't know the time period it was taken, unfortunately.

This rather faded picture is a picture of Jaryszow school children.  No names or dates are known for this picture, but I liked it anyway.  I am thinking that there were some old relatives in it, for sure.  Don't you think so??
A family wedding picture.

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