Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Names of Parish Jaryszow/Jarischau Kreis Gross Strehlitz

For about 3-4 years or so, I have been working on my Jaryszow reconstruction project.  In case you have missed my earlier posts, I have ancestors from this town.  I discovered this fact in 1992 while in Poland for the first time.  I had gone to the civil registration office to obtain the death certificate of my 2nd great-grandmother, Eva Palus.  I found it at the parish, but it gave no useful information except the date.  So taking that information to the Koschentin civil registration office, I was able to get a more complete and informative record, which included her birthplace as Nogowschuetz.  In Polish this is Nogawczyce and another name for this locality is Wangschuetz.  During the time when Hitler came to power, many of the place names were changed and Wangschuetz is that change. 

So with this information, the first thing to do was to find where in the world this place was.  I did.  It was in Kreis Gross Strehlitz.  After a little studying etc, I found the parish to be Jarischau, now called Jaryszow.  I was excited and hopeful of finding more on the Palus line in this parish, either by film, writing, going there or whatever.  However, I checked for films, none, so OK, I will write.  Only to discover that the church and records had been burned.  This of course was a true disapointment to me.  I had hoped to conquer this parish and now I felt it had conquered me.  After thinking about how to go around the back door and find other ways to research, I thought of one.  Where are the civil records of Jaryszow and Nogowschuetz?  They were in Blottnitz/Blotnica.  OK, we know that the civil records in this part of Preussen don't start till 1874.  Not a good plan for someone born about 1833...So in the meantime a friend from Texas, probably one of my many relatives there, showed me records they had found in Schlesien on their last trip there.  They were school records containing birthdates, places and parents' names.  These were from another town then what I needed, but it gave me hope that maybe such a record-type would be available to me.  So in 2007, I went to Poland and my one personal family research goal was to find the Palus line, and Eva, somehow.  I knew her father was Bernhard and mom was Francisca, last name unknown.

Danuta and I went to the school in Jaryzsow, which was right next to the church and spoke to the people in charge.  They were most helpful and even called an older woman who lived there before the War and still knew some German.  She told us which Palus people to visit.  We did.  And through them we were told that the Palus line was out of Himmelwitz/Jemielnica.  I didn't know at the time that all the Palus that came were one family, mine, but I do now.  But I knew that the Family History Library had records of Himmelwitz.  So we didn't go there.  But I came home from that trip with clues but no real knowledge of the family.  I got looking into the Himmelwitz records on film and found Bernard.  He was born there.  Yeah, the discoveries of the Palus family names in Himmelwitz led me far back and so this line was taken care of.  No marriage of Bernhard to Francisca was found here, though. So I knew then that they must have married in her parish, most likely.
While in Poland, on this trip, we did go to the archives in Opole where the civil records of the towns in question are located.  I went through births, marriages and deaths from 1874-1907 which are available there.  Each year is a separate book.  It was quite a stack!  I found lots of entries of towns belonging to the parish of Jaryszow and jotted them in my notebook, but found no death of Eva or Bernhard and also no marriages of any of their children.  So no people that I could connect, although the Palus name was found there often.  Of course I recorded them.  I started to log them in an Excel file, all the names from this parish that I could find.  I had about 4-500 entries.  I felt pretty happy about this fact.

This last trip in August of 2010, again I had a personal family research goal.  "Find out the maiden name of Francisca". I had some strategies in mind.  But I couldn't even try them out as I couldn't get hold of the priests and things just totally bombed.  I came home, had a successful archive trip for work matters, but my one goal ended with  zero results which left me really disappointed.

So about 2 weeks after my return, I decided to tackle my reconstruction project one more time.  I made a list of all the parishes in the county (Kreis) and found the appropriate film numbers for the time my Palus family was alive.  Boy, it was a long list and who knows, I would probably find everyone EXCEPT my family.  So, as I was just about to get the first film a thought came strongly to my mind.  The thought was go to the church records for Kottulin.  I didn't know why really, as this was in a neighbor county and certainly not the closest parish to Jaryszow.  But since I had the feeling, I decided to follow up and at least start with this place. 

As I did this, I put the film on the reader and on the very first page of the film, who should appear but Bernhard Palus as a witness and from there on out, it just got better and better till they even had a baby baptized here.  Leopoldine Palus.  For the rest of the story, please read the older posts.  I guess when they want to be found, the Lord provides a way to do so.  And He did because I have no idea why that parish came to my mind as it wasn't in the same county.

So, I have now many more names for the reconstruction project.  I now have typed in about 1200 entries and still have tons to record, just no time.  Here are the family names found so far.

Albrecht, Augustin, Bachen, Badura, Bartsch, Bialy, Bienick, Blaszczyk, Bodenaka, Brauer, Burczek, Cholewa, Chwalek, Chwostek, Cichon, Cieslik, Cwielong, Czaia, Czapla, Czerner, Czynczek, Damyslo, Danek, Dattko, David, Dilach, Dlugi, Donath, Drabner, Duda, Elias, Ertel, Foik, Francke, Friedrich, Frychel, Fuerst, Gabrys, Garz, Gasch, Gawlik, Geier, Gemula, Giemsa, Giller, Glaga, Glaska, Gluck, Godula, Golba, Gomalla, Gorylaus, Gowin, Gracza, Grund, Gruska, Grzeschitza, Gusitzka, Guzic, Haiter, Halewa, Hayduk, Heinze, Hermasch, Hintz, Hoffmann, Holewa, Ignatzek, Jaksik, Janek, Janota, Janysek, Jaraschek, Jarosch, Jeckel, Joklin, Jokiel, Josephowski, Juraschek, Jureczko,  Kaffarnik, Kalisch, Kallus, Kalus, Kaluza, Kaminsky, Kania, Kapinoski, Kapitza, Karwal, Kaschtan, Kasiura, Kasztan, Kauka, Keler, Kiehnemann, Kilisowski, Klaka, Klimek, Klinke, Knappik, Knopik, Kolodziej, Komander, Konietzny, Kosiolek, Kotuschka, Kowallik, Kozoll, Kranz, Krause, Krawietz, Kretschmann, Kreyzka, Kroll, Krubasek, Kruczek, Kruppa, Kulanek, Kulas, Kulik, Kulpok, Kupka, Kusch, Kusnia, Kuta, Laskowitz, Lesczek, Lippok, Lisson, Lubach, Ludwig, Luskawietz, Lysok, Madla, Magiera, Malek, Malina Mandrella, Mantlik, Matuschek, Maxelon, Mazalla, Mehlich, Melischka, Melsohn, Meser, Mika, Mikosch, Misch, Miska, Moczek, Moczegemba, Mondre, Morawietz, Morcina, Mross, Mroczek, Musiol, Namyslo, Neipick, Niemietz, Nowak, Osadni(k), Paczulino, Pazdszior, Paluch, Palus, Pannek,Parusel, Patolla,,  Pawelek, Pawlitzki, Pechan, Peps, Persik, Piela, Pieronzyk, Pisarski, Plasa, Pludrzinsky, Pogoda, Pollok, Probanski, Prokscha, Prosk, Przybila, Pszczelorz, Puder, Raszka, Rekus, Ringel, Rogos, Rombel, Roskosch, Rubin, Rulik, Rychlick, Rygol, Rzepka, Rusniczak, Sabas, Satorka, Scheffczyk, Schegien, Sklorz, Schemrella, Schmieja, Schmidt, Schmolarek, Schneider, Scholtysek, Scholl, Scholz, Schoppa, Schwammel, Schwierz, Schygula, Sczendzina, Sikora, Sitko, Siwy, Skivara, Skorupa, Skrobarczyk, Skrzypietz, Sladek, Slapa, Slawik, Smadissa, Smieja, Smolarek, Sokel, Solga, Sonsalla, Sotor, Stengel, Suchanek, Suchon, Swiezy, Szcendzina, Szendzielorz, Szizok, Szopa, Thomala, Tihla, Tkocz, Tschommer, Twardon, Tischbier, Weber, Weiss, Wieczorek, Wilk, Wilkowski, Wincek, Wissnik, Wittek, Wolany, Wolny, Woyciech,  Wrenczyk, Wrobel, Wrzeiono, Wycisk, Wypchol, Wyrwo, Wywias, Zerschausky, Zicher, Zielzer, Zurek.

I will try to keep the names updated so that people looking for them will have the opportunity to locate them if needed.  Anyway, I have been happy with the result of this project and I am happy that I am doing something really useful.  I will give an update to the Priest.  It is a little hard though as he has no computer.  I have been sending the updates to the people at the school.  Don't know if the priest received them or not.  I will figure out a way!

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