Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Coming to America

A few years ago, I returned for a visit to Minnesota while speaking at a genealogy conference.  One of the events was a tour to the Mn. Historical Society.  I was so happy that I went there because they had all the microfilmed copies of Minnesota newspapers.  So of course, I looked for the Elmore Eye because my father was the printer there.  I was lucky enough to purchase the 2 films for the Elmore Eye and thereafter extracted all the goodies out of it about my family while living there.  Here is an article about my family:

Thursday Aug. 29, 1957

Eye Winks Column.
A young German couple and their 3 ½ year old daughter, have ended a long flight for freedom and will make their home in Elmore starting this weekend.

Heinz Hoeke, his wife Eva and daughter, Sonja, will move into the house just north of Mrs. Ethol Vaughn on Friday and Saturday of this week.  Heinz is now working at the Elmore Eye office.

Heinz and Eva were living in East Germany when the Communists took over.  He was working as a compositor in a communist newspaper in Dresden, but refused to join the Communist party.  After being warned that party officials were displeased , and that arrest might take place anytime, they fled to the border, leaving a house full of new furniture.

At Berlin, the gateway to freedom, they were questioned, and although both were a bit scared, produced papers showing that they were going to Magdeburg in the Eastern Zone of Germany, to visit a sick relative.  They were passed and crossed into West Berlin and escaped.

They went to Frankfurt, where Hoeke worked four years in printing establishments.  After completely furnishing their home, they had a chance to come to the United States, sponsored by the Methodist Church of Fairmont.  Again, they left their new furniture and arrived in new York, early in March of this year.  For the past few months they have been living in Fairmont, where the church had been helping them out until they could get settled.

Heinz started working at the Eye Office three weeks ago and rented the Vaughn house last week.  Mr. Hoeke is doing very well, with his English, for not being able to speak a word six months ago.  Mrs. Hoeke uses the dictionary and watches television to learn the language, while little Sonja can only speak a few words of English as yet.

The Hoeke’s were very much impressed with the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor and are now anxious to get settled to find its meaning, in their new home in Elmore.

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